Two weeks in…and there’s a surplus of StarBars…

Today we embarked on week three of  my mate’s journey to a place where StarBars are no longer a staple of her diet. It has to be said that her progress has been pretty remarkable, although maybe part of the reason she has shed a significant StarBar surplus is the amount of energy she expends on texting me about the fact I’ve not updated this blog!  ‘We had a deal!’ She says ‘I’m not training if you’re not blogging!’ So, fair’s fair, I’m back on it…

So, tonight was track night, which seems to bring out the best excuses in everyone, regardless of their running ability…Mrs StarBar had requested I pick her up as she was worried she’d forget where track was, or her front door wouldn’t open, or there would be a road block….anyway, I treated her to the ride of her life as my daughter needed some much needed driving practise ahead if her impending test (in torrential rain) and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss!

Having survived the journey, I presented Mrs StarBar with some gazebo poles, which she duly stepped over in a variety of directions and only complained for the beginning the middle and the end bit.

The running bit was a doddle, she chatted (about StarBars) for most of the way around our 2k jaunt, moaned a little, listened quite a lot (to me) and then finished off the session with some hopping.

So, all in all a fabulous start to the week for my mate, she’s considerably lighter than two weeks ago, she didn’t retch once tonight and she had the pleasure of manhandling 12 poles into the car boot…

Here’s to tomorrow’s strength and conditioning session where we get to be at one with our glutes14241607_10153767246750846_2150123592212872642_o

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