Day one of StarBar girl’s journey to a place where she stops scoffing StarBars

Day one of my new (I didn’t know I was looking for one) job which also happened to be day one of trying to motivate my mate to run more and stop scoffing Star Bars.

It’s fair to say she’s a reluctant runner (but not a reluctant Star Bar scoffer) but something keeps drawing her back into the murky world of raised heart rates, lactate burn and retching. Yep, retching is her speciality and tonight was no exception, as she retched her way around 400m of track ¬†she told me it was the apple she’d eaten before she came out, but I’m sure I could smell caramel, chocolate and nuts….this could be quite a task!

Anyway, the deal is this: she’s committed to an 8 week run programme including strength and conditioning and I’ve committed to train her and to document our journey together by generally humiliating her via this blog…heridea, I promise!

So, she survived the first session, only retched a bit, ran 2k which included some efforts (which clearly did the job because she worked so hard she stopped complaining while doing them) She got to hop over a broom handle several times and walked like a crab using some resistance bands; all in the name of strength and conditioning!

All in all a successful evening; she only abused me a bit in the car on the way home by squirting cold water down my neck as I was driving (which is better than the time she rubbed an egg mayonnaise sandwich into my face for no apparent reason) but at least it distracted her from Star Bar scoffing….onwards and upwards!

One thought on “Day one of StarBar girl’s journey to a place where she stops scoffing StarBars

  1. I too attended this session and felt that Star Bar Girl’s return to running was a courageous start to her campaign to get fit again and shed a few pounds. I think she enjoyed the session especially messing around with the poles that Bethan had given a lift to in her car boot. She is hoping that the retching will subside as the weight comes off. I know Star Bar Girl (SBG) and she is much too sensible to get involved in egg sandwich smearing and dangerous acts of water squirting whilst in a moving vehicle. Bethan’s challenge continues and SBG is confident to achieve it although her hips ache a bit. S and C tomorrow, looking forward to seeing SBG meet the challenge.


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