The perils of not ever saying no…

23113480_10154904080280846_1373216166_nI don’t quite know how this has happened, but I’ve gone and kind of got myself a job. Well, I do know how it’s happened, it’s because I’m a little bit rubbish at saying no (other than to my husband of course) and therefore, once again, I find myself blagging my way through another adventure…however, this one means I get to wear my beloved shorts and lycra and I don’t really have to bother with coiffuring my barnet of a morning…

Over the years I’ve found myself in many a dubious situation due to my complete inability to say no (flash-back to the episode on the back of a motor bike, clinging onto a man with dubious intentions: shudder! And the time I qualified as a fork-lift truck driver: random! And the time I cycled up Mount Ventoux just because it was there) but this time, I’m actually doing something I love, wearing clothes I love…yes, I’m going to be running in shorts while coaching people on how to  run in shorts (although the shorts bit is optional)

So, today is day one and so far the short-wearing has gone well (for me at least) there’s just a matter of a bit of strength and conditioning to do this evening, involving broom handles, elastic bands, coordination and short-wearing; wish me luck!



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