My life as a bin…

My life’s a bit like a bin, no matter what size you buy, it’s always full to bursting with not enough room in it and even though you know it REALLY needs emptying, you still try and ram more in!

Recently, I decided enough was enough, it was time to empty my bin in an attempt to free some space, not least some head space as my brain felt like it was about to explode, and I needed to get control of my on-line food shop as we really don’t need 340 scourers, 14 packs of fast-acting yeast and 11 tubes of tomato puree sitting in the cupboard.

However, my cunning strategy seems to have back fired as I now need an industrial-sized skip to fit in the new challenge, which has somewhat inevitably crept up and placed itself, fly-tipping style in my life! My complete inability to say no to anyone or anything (other than my husband) has led to me committing to help raise £15k and to climb Mont Blanc all in aid of RP Fighting Blindness. So, sorry family, it’s back to communicating with me via though social media!

So, bring on a shed-load of fundraising activities, which I will inevitably blag my way through. My first attempt at raising money is to make a Christmas cake that will go to the highest bidder. I did make a Christmas Cake for a school fete once, forgot to put glycerine in the icing (how was I to know?!)  and sold it to a lovely French lady, who thought that having to chisel your way into a Christmas cake was just an English tradition…

So, if you’re in possession of all your own teeth (or a chisel), have a penchant for the 1970’s (think spiky icing )and can’t resist a dodgy reindeer on top, then place your bids now!

Bring on the fundraising…and the training…and the #storiestotell

£15 Challenge for RP Fighting Blindness22906669_10154902352340846_661725029_o

4 thoughts on “My life as a bin…

  1. Given that you can’t say “no” I have found a fundraiser that involves Spain and bikes – what do you think?


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